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Seniors Tour 2023 - Forest Of Arden

Needless to say the weather was awful except on day two when we had sunshine for most of the day. Gave time for the waterproofs to dry out. Because of this the course was muddy to say the least but still we got to play. Many thanks to you all for sticking it out to the end.

The results are as follows:-

Day 1 Aylesford Course

1st Paul Tanner 38 points

Front Nine Terry Newman 16 points

Back Nine Malcolm Baker 18 points

NTP Hole 6 Terry Newman

Day 2 Aylesford Course

1st Paul Tanner 36 points

Front Nine Grant Kirkup 20 points

Back Nine Robert Pakeman 16 points

NTP Hole 10 Jon Baker

Team Bowmaker competition.

The winners after 4 ball adjustment with 70 points were :-

Grant Kirkup Gross 33

Malcolm Baker Gross 29

Brian Ford Gross 27

Nigel Walker Gross 27

Day 3 Arden Championship Course

1st Phil Gazely 34 points

Front Nine Grant Kirkup 17 Points

Back Nine Paul Tanner 17 Points

NTP Mitch Woolford

Overall Championship

Champion Paul Tanner 104 points

Div 1

Winner Paul Tanner 104 points

Runner Up Robert Pakeman 92 points

Div 2

Winner Mitch Woolford 85

Runner Up Terry Newman 82 points

Well done to all of our winners and losers and once again to all of you who continue to make this tour a success not just on the course but off it as well.

See you all next year 😃😃😃



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