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A History of Brinkworth Golf Club

Jeffrey Homersley, June 2007

The first steps to provide a Golf Club at Brinkworth followed long talks between Richard and Julian Sheppard of Longlands Farm, Brinkworth and Jeffrey Hamersley, a golfing member of North Wilts Golf Club whilst living in Brinkworth.


Dick Sheppard was keen to utilise his acres of grass land to a more productive use than leasing it for ‘grass keep’. After considering the financial implications and many visits to Westonbirt Golf Club and other courses, the project was put in hand. Plans were submitted and the layout determined for a 9 hole course, the 2nd and 9th to follow when the success of the scheme was assured. Construction was carried out ‘in house’ with a contractor being used to clean out the river and to remove those weeping willows that obscured the proposed fairways over the water. This work commenced in the early 1980s.


Initially, greens were fashioned out of the meadow turf, followed by the laying of turfs and the ‘then’ error of installing plastic greens to the great annoyance of the members and general ridicule. This, more than anything else, caused an exit of members from the club. Subsequently a fine quality seed was purchased and we now have the excellent greens of the present day.


Brian Macallam, a Wiltshire Amateur Golf Champion, opened the course on 1st June 1984 from the Clubhouse erected near the current 5th Tee, with access from Dead Lane. Jeffrey Homersley was appointed Club Captain.


Some time later the Clubhouse was re-cited in what had been the Cow Byre. This again was done ‘in house’ and back breaking work it was. Work on the second 9 holes had commenced in fits and starts and members were asking for completion assurances and full usage. A very vocal AGM resulted in a larger number of members walking out to join Oaksey Golf Club.


In 1987 Jeffrey Homersley who had acted as Secretary since the outset, resigned and returned to the North Wilts Golf Club in order to get more competitive golf. Minutes and documents were handed over to the Club.


Particular praise should go to Laughlin McCauley, a subsequent Captain who organised the members of the Senior Section into the BOBS and kept the club going through its lean years. Praise is also due to Dick Sheppard. He was disappointed that the workings of the Club did not always go right but was equally concerned that the Club had to pay its way.


Jeffrey Homersley returned to memberships in 2000. He is proud to have been able to compile this brief history at the request of the club management who are keen to preserve the history, within that of the Brinkworth Golf Club into which it has now been absorbed, and within which it will assuredly reach a premier class status.

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