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Captains Drive-In - 2nd May 2023

The three captains, Paul Tanner, Jayne Taylor and Brian Ford took part in the Captains Drive on 2nd May.

The Club Captain was first to T-off and somewhat unusually pulled his shot to the left and failed to get the ball more than 5 foot off the ground! The result was a shot of 153 yards.

Next to go was the Senior Captain. Brian did a perfectly straight drive down the first fairway, out driving Paul by 2 yards.

Finally Jayne played her drive - a 127 yard stylish shot straight down the middle of the fairway.

The guesstimate winners were Justin who was closest to Paul’s drive at 160 yards. Alan Pinder exactly correct on Jayne’s drive and Kim Duke on the button with Brian’s shot.

£100 was raised for the Johnny Miller Volunteer Group which will be used to help fund improvements around the course and club house, so a big thank you to everyone who took part.


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